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Audition Story

Galixia sat on a building, mopping and watching the people passing by. It has been a week since Noireta attempted to kill her. Gali has never gotten over the fact that her best and first friend, who she treated like a sister, has now turned evil. She looked at her bracelet and wondered if she should visit them anymore, in hopes that she could maybe protect the from the danger she was obviously in.

Galixia then thought if she was even worthy of friends. If Noireta was right and she really didn't care for anyone. She questioned if her friends truly cared for her or if they just like her for their free wishes.

As she was in her thoughts, she failed to noticed a black, roudy haired man in overalls sitting next to her.

Mudd: You know, you can fall off easily if you're not careful.

Gali: Huh..Who are you?...Where did you come from?

Mudd: Well, you can call me Mudd. I was just interested in the view from up here.

Gali: Oh...right....

Mudd: You seem a bit upset.

Gali: It's nothing really. You shouldn't be concerned about it.

Mudd: Hmmm It's not everyday one sees a star nymph forwning

Gali: (sad giggle) Heh..It's that obvious?

Mudd: Well, you may have hid your wings, but here are few women who would wear a simple dress in public.

Galixia didn't reply, still frowning.

Mudd: Want to talk about it?

Galixia told Mudd about all what happened to her a week ago.

Mudd: Wow..that is quite a dilemma you have.

Gali: What do I do...I don't want to hurt Noireta...but I can't let her do what she is planning...I'm so confused.

Mudd noticed Galixia's bracelet

Mudd: I see you care deeply for your friends...but you don't know if they truly feel the same way to you.

Galixia thought how he knew this but didn't say anything.

Mudd: If you can't trust your own friends, how can you trust yourself?

Gali: Am...Am I really that paranoid?

Mudd: I prefer the term "overly concerned"

Gali: (sarcastic) Well that make me a whole lot better.

Mudd: You question if your many friendships is real or not. Perhaps if you decide to make your own story, you will find the answer you seek. How about it? Care to try it?

Galixia was not sure what Mudd meant by "make your story" but she would try anything if it mean finding an answer.

Gali: Umm...Ok but what do you mean by-

Mudd: Good

Mudd snapped his fingers and a portal shaped like a regular door appeared.

Mudd: Just enter, and your story will begin.

Galixia hesitated for a moment, but shocked her head and walked thourgh the portal.

Mudd: Oh and one more thing I should say to you.

Gali: (turned to Mudd) Huh?

Mudd: Friendship

Unbeknownst to Galixia, her bracelet shined a bright light.

Gali: What do you mean-

Before she can finish, the portal closed and disappeared.

Mudd: Good luck, Galixia

Audition story for :icontbos-oct:
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May 18, 2011
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