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Name: Galixia (Gali for short)

Age: 22 years in human years (actual years-about 100)

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 1st (year of birth unknown)

Species: Star Nymph

Height: 5'1 ft (chibi form- 6in)

Weight: 125lb (chibi form- almost weightless)

Likes: granting wishes, seeing the smiles of people, having crimes justified, chocolate chip ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, making friends, having fun

Dislikes: Jerks, being cheated or tricked, wanton violence, complete darkness

Friendly and generous, always glad to help, never known to be upset (of course know one ALIVE have seen her upset), would never

Galixia, like other star nymphs, was born from her star orb made by her home star (her star happens to be red). She goes around exploring worlds and universes and granting wishes. Gali usually grants the wishes of people in need of them.

Shortly after she was born, She found a stray star orb, which "hatched" into another star nymph, Noireta. She took care of Noireta and two became close as sisters. However, Noireta was sucked into a black hole. Galixia was devastated by what happened and never seemed to talk about it since.

She however gained more friends over the years, like Stellanova, another fellow star nymph, Neroli the slime girl, Wynra, the dragon girl, and Suki the mimic girl, and many others. She couldn't be any happier with her life and her new friends.

However, she was surprised to met up with Noireta, assumed to be dead all this time. Sadly, it was not a happy reunion as she convinced herself that Galixia left her for dead and saw all star nymphs as pompous and that they admire only themselves. Noireta attacked Galixia severely but luckily was saved by a sorceress, Tarina.
She was devastated once again, now saddened at how her first friend in her life now wish her and her species dead. She was at a complete loss at what to do...until a black-haired man in overalls appeared to her and offered her a chance for her to find a solution to stop and help Noireta.

Powers: As with all star nymphs, they can use their cosmic powers to grant wishes. Cosmic energy is made as people wish on the star that they were born from. She also gain a bit of cosmic energy when she grants a wish. However, As she entered into the Book, she was cut off for the star, thus she is unable to grant any wishes. She can however still change into her chibi form and can still fly.

Chosen by: Mudd

Gift Description: (Word-Friendship)

All of Gali's friends have given her a friendship bracelet that she has kept with her close with. In the World of the Book, the bracelet changed into a function that allowed her to borrow the abilities of her friends for a limited time, just by thinking their name.
Neroli: Gali turns into a slime girl, giving her great flexibility.
Wrynra: Turn into a dragon girl, giving her ice and fire breath
Suki: Turn her into a more sexy version of herself, and giving her the ability to teleport to different locations through chests and other containers.

If anyone else was to wear the bracelet, the function would break, reverting it into a normal bracelet.
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